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“How To Easily Organise Your Life

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By Using The Amazing All In One Life Tracker!

Your Time Is Your Life

This Template Helps You

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What This Life Tracker Contains?

  • Vision Board
  • Lifestyle Dashboard
  • Planner
  • Productivity Dashboard
  • Wellness Dashboard
  • Fitness Dashboard
  • Nutrition Dashboard
  • Finance Dashboard
  • Travel Dashboard


Dear Friend,

Many users love how easy to use Notion is but why many are still not organise!

Countless events, random thoughts mess up your notes & schedule. You want to keep everything neat and tidy but you are tired every day from your work and personal life.

In short, you are trapped in a cycle. And the precious time you wasted from mental fatigue daily snowballed into tiredness and frustration. And when you reached home, you just want to let down your bag and just want to lie on the couch, lazy to even talk to anyone.

Could you imagine how much time you have wasted in 1 month, in 1 year?

And more serious matter, is building up of all these negative feelings.

Life is short, why can’t things be sassier and simpler? Is there a way?

People all over the world are currently manging their life better than before, and it’s all thanks to our amazing versatile “All in One Life Tracker”! I’ll explain how it works in a minute, but picture this: You can finally view your daily schedule of different categories at a glance.

You can finally FREE up your mind instead of trying to recall small matters that takes up your mental energy and you can lead a fulfilled life.

Yes that’s the SECRET of many top achievers! – They have utilize a great Tracker like this to keep their life in order and maintain highly productive in this fast pace competitive world!

The Magic Is In The

“All in One Life Tracker”

I know what you’re thinking:

“Wasting some time by not being organize surely is not a very important aspect to work on, they’re not for regular people like me!” – But you couldn’t be more wrong… No one started off as an elite, top achiever.

In fact, regular people’s life were changed because they started using this long ago, consistent daily improvement would definitely result in huge change.

Many are using a life Tracker template to give them a head start, an edge, an unfair advantage over their peers now and you’d never know.

Don’t get left behind jealous about their change – Get even!

You no longer have to think of how to design and create a templates, most are not creative with design ideas.

And it doesn’t get any easier, you just use our template, in less than 1 minute – ONE TIME – And then you are done!

After that, simply maintain an organize life and level up to be a an efficient and highly productive achiever

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • No more wasting time being late or worse still, forgets about anything.
  • Fret not about any meetings, events, family or personal life matters, simply note it down and resolve one by one, keeping work, life, in balance.
  • Make your peers seems messy by staying organize, take control & keeping your life In proper order.
  • Lead a fulfilled life knowing exactly what is happening today or future events by noting it down.
  • No longer have to use mental energy often on trying to recall what you have missed out.
  • Surprise and surpass your peers by being a highly productive achiever as a result.

…And that’s just for starters!

I spent a long time trying to design & create a life tracker/planner on my own. Was surprised that it was so time consuming to do so. I bought this All in One Life Tracker and viola it port the template over to my Notion account and I could start using it, thats how easy and more importantly time saving!

Serene Wilder ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

To search for a template is time consuming itself till I found this. I have been very satisfied with the modern & minimalist themethat looks really classy. Different elements are helpful for my personal and small business. I appreciate the effort put into it. I have become more organise now. Highly recommend!

Jennifer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Modern Bblack minimalist theme template is really cool and also versatile. Allows me to edit and change the colours and some contents to whatever that suits me. Hence, I would regard this as my personal Journal that records the big and small details. I became more productive and efficient!

Luiz Edward ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Yes, It Sounds FANTASTIC!

Do you know?

Notion is estimated to have over 4 million monthly active users!

Look, I bet many of your colleagues and peers are one of them.

Minority of users took a long time to create and design one, majority of them don’t even have any template, its messy.

How you could have a head start over them is getting the All in One Life Tracker, sit back and relax and watch it port over to your account.

You can then immediately start using it.

And I’m betting you’ll be calling YOUR ALL IN ONE LIFE TRACKER your best friend once you actually try it for yourself.

And Not Only That,

  • The team brain storm on how to make it useful and easy to navigate and at a glance, you can see what’s happening in your daily life.
  • It took the design team many hours to discuss, design, create, fine tune, to finally produce this template that you see today.
  • It’s a Modern designed concept by design team that appeals to most business & successful elites.
  • So far, feedbacks have been great – That means it’s well received.
  • Many new users every day ALREADY using our templates. And how about you joining the party – What are you waiting for??
  • We are confident your life will get better if you start utilising it. Many love Notion and love our templates

We Have A Limited Supply Of This

All in One Life Tracker Template

with a Modern Black Concept

As We Want To Keep this concept Exclusive. So Do Grab It Now To Avoid Losing Out!

I HIGHLY encourage you try it for 60 days straight and SEE how cool and helpful it is.

I’m betting once you see the results you’ll consider this Template your new lifelong friend!


We Came Up With Something Pretty Special

Just For You That We Think You’re
Going To Love…

For A Very Limited Time..

 Special Bonuses

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Bonus #1 Wellness Dashboard (Bonus New Add On)

As people strive for work life balance, this Wellness category brings you closer to it, reflecting and understanding yourself, spending quiet “Me” time.

Bonus #2 Nutrition Dashboard (Bonus New Add On)

Whenever we talk about fitness & healthy lifestyle, its inevitable to bring up the topic of what you eat, hence we added in Nutrition category which is highly requested by many of our customers and fans.

Bonus #3 Upcoming New Templates

You will be put into our exclusive list for our upcoming exciting templates. You will get to enjoy a special affordable discounted price for it.

Try It Yourself And Experience The Change In You!

This is an amazing opportunity to have a change for the better.

Utilise the life tracker continuously for 60 days straight.

Why 60 days? Because habit formation can take an average of 59 to 70 days.

According to a 2021 study, it can take about 59 days until a new habit becomes automatic.

And your friends probably would start wondering what brought forth a change in you.

Let Me Show You What You’ll Be Getting Today!

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Everything You Get With

Your FREE TRIAL Today!

Check Out The Things We Provide For You:

Vision Board

• Write down your goals and create your vision board

Lifestyle Dashboard

• Plan your outfits
• Track your reading and watch lists
• Organize your household cleaning tasks


• Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, and Monthly Planner included
• Sections for tasks, schedules, notes, reflections, and more

Productivity Dashboard

• Tasks/To-Do List
• Project Management and Tracker
• Brain Dump Section

Wellness Dashboard (Bonus Add On)

• Habit Tracker
• Gratitude Journal
• Weekly Reflection


• Create your workout plan
• Set your fitness goals
• Track your progress
• Manage your workout library and schedule

Nutrition Dashboard (Bonus Add On)

• Create your meal plan
• Organise your recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert)
• Manage your grocery list and track your ingredients inventory

Finance Dashboard

• Balance Calculator
• Income Tracker
• Expenses Tracker
• Savings Tracker
• Debt Tracker

√ Travel Dashboard

• Track your past and upcoming trips
• Create your travel itinerary, packing list, budget and spending tracker for each trip


Cart Closing Soon


Thanks for reading till this far, I look forward to you benefitting from the Notion template.

P.S. – Many people just like you are already benefitting and love this All in One Life Tracker. Now it’s your turn… Don’t miss out on the limited edition Modern Black Concept Design.

P.P.S. – You MUST respond now to get this special price and all the valuable bonuses. We are going to increase price very soon!

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